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Nimble Advertizer

Monetize Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand with Server-Side Ads Insertion for Nimble Streamer

Nimble Advertizer is a powerful solution for server-side ads insertion, allowing for the dynamic insertion of personalized advertisements into both live streaming and Video-on-Demand content. This framework supports a variety of input and output formats. With Nimble Advertizer, businesses have the flexibility to insert pre-roll and mid-roll ads, per-stream, per-user, and per-session ads, and even SCTE-35 markers, all based on a customizable business logic.

The setup process is simple and easy to integrate into any existing business workflow. In addition, businesses can track the performance of their advertisements over time through either ads insertion logging or a per-session handler. To get started with Nimble Advertizer, businesses can sign up for a WMSPanel account and subscribe to the Addenda premium package license for each Nimble Streamer server instance where SSAI is desired.

Dynamic ads insertion

  • Pre-roll ads per each connection
  • Flexible timing for mid-roll ads
  • Per-stream ads insertion
  • Per-user and per-session ads
  • SCTE-35 markers ads insertion
  • Customizable business logic


The Nimble Advertizer workflow is easy to adopt within any business logic

  1. Nimble Streamer media server processes incoming streams to get content
  2. Nimble Advertizer calls your handler web application or JSON file config to get business logic description
  3. Advertizer gets files with advertisements to process them via Nimble Streamer according to your logic defined via handler
  4. Nimble inserts the ads into original media and packages it into output protocols
  5. End user connects to Nimble and gets the stream containing original content mixed with advertisements
  6. Playback is running smooth regardless of ads insertion over time
  7. Session-specific ads insertion can be applicable via separate per-session handler if needed

Users can track ads performance over time using either ads insertion logging or per-session handler.

Watch live demo

This demo page shows live streams with ads insertion, with full details on Advertizer setup.

Please read full technical spec

Full technical spec shows how exactly you can use all the features of Nimble Advertizer.

We've made a quick video showing the setup process for a simple use case: adding a pre-roll ad into a live stream.

Nimble Advertizer is part of Nimble Streamer Addenda premium package

Get Addenda package license for each Nimble Streamer server instance where you want to enable SSAI.
Feel free to sign up, subscribe for WMSPanel account and subscribe for Addenda package license to proceed with Nimble Advertizer usage.

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