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Nimble Streamer Addenda

Premium features license for Nimble Streamer

In addition to providing high quality transcoding and transmuxing, Nimble Streamer provides a Premium Features Package in the form of Nimble Streamer Addenda. The Addenda Premium Package supports important advanced functions like DRM encryption, Ads Insertion, plus SRT and performance enhancements.

Nimble Streaming Addenda Capabilities

  • Streaming services providers are required to support a variety of Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions and providers. The Addenda license enables this.
  • Providers also need Server-Side Ad Insertion or SSAI. Monetization of content is a high priority and SSAI is one more way to accomplish this. Addenda provides SSAI.
  • Addenda license also covers some SRT-related sophisticated authentication functionality and more.

Nimble DRM

Nimble Streamer Addenda allows for the easy setup of DRM.
Live Streaming, VOD and DVR DRM scenarios are all supported.

  • Google Widevine for MPEG-DASH via BuyDRM, EZDRM and Widevine Cloud Service.
  • Microsoft Playready for MPEG-DASH via BuyDRM and EZDRM.
  • Apple FairPlay for HLS via BuyDRM and EZDRM.
  • All encryption works for H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC codecs.
  • Supports Widevine Cloud Service with key rotation.
  • Supports BuyDRM KeyOS.
  • Supports EZDRM's DRM-as-a-Service.
  • Supports PallyCon Multi-DRM SaaS.
  • Sigma DRM support for Widevine, FairPlay and Playready.
  • Supports castLabs DRMToday.
  • Supports Verimatrix VCAS for HLS AES encryption.

Read full description to start using.

Nimble Advertizer SSAI

Nimble Streamer Addenda supports Live streaming and VOD Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) frameworks.

  • Pre-roll and mid-roll ads per each connection
  • Per-stream and per-session ads insertion
  • SCTE-35 markers ads insertion
  • Customizable business logic
  • Supported output live protocols: HLS, RTMP, SLDP and Icecast
  • Supported output VOD protocols: HLS with MPEG-TS and fMP4 containers

Please visit our Nimble Advertizer page for more information and to begin using.

Please also watch our live demo and read our technical specifications for Nimble Advertizer.

Additional SRT features

Nimble Streamer provides a free SRT feature set with a wide range of capabilities.
The server also provides advanced SRT security, management and reporting features which require the Nimble Streamer Addenda license.

Pull SRT in RTMP style: Nimble Streamer supports SRT Listen mode with streamid in appname/streamname format to pull any available live stream. This allows using a single IP and port to get multiple streams by their names, just like in RTMP.

SRT Publisher Assistance Security Set:

  • Accept streamid parameter with "application/stream" format.
  • Make per-application and per-stream authentication with user and password.
  • Apply any SRT parameters to each individual stream and even individual publisher.
  • Apply allow and deny lists for IP addresses on server and stream level.
  • Manage published streams via publish control framework.
  • Please read SRT PASSet technology overview article to learn more about PASSet and to follow up with setup details.

Additional SRT features for SRT Listen mode include:

  • SRT playback statistics
  • SRT paywall protection

This feature set makes pulled SRT similar to other playback protocols and is an even more convenient protocol for content providers and for end-users.

Other adjustments

Some other improvement are available with active Addenda license.

More performance improvements are coming soon.

Addenda License Provides Premium Functionality For an Economical Fee

50 USD per month per server is the charge for Addenda

The premium functionality is integrated into Nimble Streamer. Users need to have an active Addenda package license to utilize the advanced premium features.Users should obtain a license for each Nimble Streamer server instance where they wish to enable the Addenda package. Users can access the WMSPanel subscription page to subscribe and add the cost of all licenses.

  1. Sign up and subscribe for WMSPanel account.
  2. Go to Settings menu and open Addenda licenses tab
  3. Click on Add Addenda license and select number of licenses, then click Next and once you see final cost, click on Pay now button.
  4. Follow the payment procedure and once you complete it, you’ll see your active licenses.
    You may also defer new license payments to include them into the nearest monthly billing.
  5. Click on the license to see the registration procedure.
  6. Log into the server which has Nimble Streamer installed and which you will use as your host.
  7. Use the registration procedure to make it work.

WMSPanel subscription will include your Addenda licenses' cost. Users may cancel any license any time within the paid period.
Please read the pricing page for more details.

Users should please note that all payments are non-refundable.

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